Cheetay’s Online Grocery Store offering all that you need

Grocery shopping is a challenging task that requires careful planning and organizing. Whether you own a restaurant, office or a home, you have to set your budget and make sure to keep the stock updated at all times. Instead of going to a physical store you now have Cheetays’ online grocery section ready for online orders. From Packaged Food and Personal Care to Household Care and Essentials, it has a vast number of daily use items. These could be ordered in bulk or as a single item once or on repeat at reasonable prices. So, go ahead and click the items you want in your pantry.

Packaged Items- a major chunk of grocery shopping

Do you need any ready-to-make food items, dry packaged desserts/snacks, tinned products or condiments? If yes, then scroll down to packaged food items. Check for juices, dry noodles, pasta, imported dairy and tinned products. Store packets of instant Maggi noodles, biscuits, chocolates and chips in your office or house and enjoy with colleagues, friends and family. Look for Rafhan products such as custards, jellies or pudding to entertain children or elders. Buy Philadelphia Cream Cheese for making cheesecakes or savoury dishes. In case, you are looking for refreshments to be served, buy Nestle juices, Coca Cola, Pepsi, or any other flavored drink to make them happy.

Personal Care and Household Care; choose your regulars or try something new!

Of course packaged food is one part of grocery shopping. You could also be running out of some very important personal care items. These include products such as toothpastes, face and body washes, razors, soap bars, creams, lotions, shampoos and more. Choose your usual products from brands such as L’Oreal, Colgate, Unilever, P&G and Reckitt Benckiser. In case you do not find one, request for the product you want.

Personal care is as important as household care products as both need attention to be maintained. If you are in charge of keeping the house or office clean, buy floor/ toilet cleaners, kitchen cleaners along with mops, scrubs and brushes. To make your place smell pleasant, buy fresheners of any fragrance that you like. You might also want to apply repellants to keep away from insect bites. Also, keeping Dettol items such as soaps, multi-purpose cleaners, hand washes and solutions is vital as its anti-septic qualities are what create a difference in the environment. To keep the bathrooms sparkling, use cleaners such as Harpic that has variants with light bubbly fragrance.

Essentials- The Most Essential Part of Grocery

Pantries are places prone to insects. Cleaning them with anti-bacterial products is important so that Essentials or staple commodities can be stored. You now do not have to think where to get staple commodities from as Cheetay offers you fresh rice, Wheat atta, ghee, butter, milk, pulses and packaged cooking oils. All this and more can be delivered at your doorstep so get hooked with this online grocery store and become its loyal customer.

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