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Schools Books for All Levels & Ages at Cheetay!

Are you ready to go back to school? Last minute school shopping can sometimes be an inconvenience. Well, Cheetay has got you covered! We provide a hassle-free delivery of all the back to school goodies you might require to make your student life easier and better. Our responsibility is to provide you with the best back to school supplies in Lahore.

New Year, New Stationery!

Grab the bundles of stationery we provide according to your academic level i.e. your grade. The bundles are suited and made according to your requirements in class. The bundles include calculators to make your mathematics class a little bearable. Staplers will ensure that you do not lose any of your papers. Our pens and pencils will make your handwriting better and make your writing feel effortless. Our notepads are colourful and beautiful. We provide basic stationery & school supplies like sharpeners, erasers, rulers et cetera. We have even got your art class covered with a pack of colour pencils filled with a wide range of shades.

Apart from that, we stock scissors, highlighters, post-it notes, markers, pen holders et cetera. If you need a geometry set, including a protractor or a compass, we stock it all. These items might seem trivial to many of you and we tend to forget the importance of pens, pencils et cetera until we need them.

Stock Your Offices!

Want to know the best part about all this stationery? It does not necessarily have to be used as school supplies! You can even use them around the house or use them as office supplies. Buy our bundles in stock and fulfill all your stationery needs.

Be Prepared!

Get your books and course packs in one online marketplace. We have sorted the course material according to the educational system and the grade. Choose whatever option you need, and we will take care of the rest.

Early Bird, Smart Bird!

In the early year’s section, you can find books to help prepare for your Cambridge Checkpoint examinations. We stock books published by Oxford, whether they are for English, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics et cetera. At such a young age, it is necessary to give your child the best skills and teachings. These books will help you a lot along the way, making your life easier.

O-Levels AND A-Levels!

That is not all! We also bring you Cambridge IGCSE books to prepare you for your O-levels. Subjects like English Language, Computer Science, Literature in English, Business Studies, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics.

For A-levels, we not only stock books but we also sell past papers along with the marking schemes. These will help you score better grades and give you an edge over other students. Subjects like Business, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Science et cetera. Whatever you need, we provide!

Cheetay Brings You the Best Service!

So, do your back to school shopping from Cheetay and buy your school books and school stationery online at the best and most affordable prices. Your purchased items will be delivered right at your doorstep. Shop away!

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