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Nail Care Accessories at Home!

Who needs to go to the salon for a manicure and a pedicure when you can get creative with a wide assortment of nail colours from brands such as L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York directly from Cheetay? The struggle of going outside in the scorching heat is real. So, why go through all that trouble when we are offering you a completely stress free delivery of your favourite nail care accessories directly to your home.

Paint according to your Mood

Imagine this: You are planning a night out with your friends. These wide ranges of shades will compliment any outfit you choose. They are suitable for multiple occasions like a family gathering, a birthday or even a wedding. Let your nails do the talking and just apply your favourite coat of nail polish today!

We bring you a wide range of shades and colours that will blow your mind. From Maybelline’s Peach Pie to L'Oreal's Rouge Sauvage - we have them all.

Strong Nails. Stronger Shine.

File those nails according to your liking and apply your favourite colour. These nail polish brands will not fail you! They will provide you with a rich and powerful colour and give an incomparable mirror shine to your nails. Who needs mirrors when you can just look at your reflection on your nails?

You can discover many long-lasting, extravagant nail polish colours from our website. Explore our wide range of nail art products to create your perfect look. These products will provide you with a wonderful, ultra-glossy colour and resilient shine.

Buy these products and get a smooth and flawless nail surface. The colours are rich and magnified to a dazzling intensity and enable the nails to become visibly thicker. The shine of the nail bud is captured and reflected from every single angle.

Colours as Wild as you can Imagine

We bring you an assortment of shades to match your personality, style, and mood. These colours are rich and trendy. Not only that, but they can be easily applied. Their brushes are so smooth that the application process is done with ultimate control and precision. No need to worry about getting colour on those cuticles. These brands are known for their enduring vibrant colours and lack of chipping.

What are you Waiting for?

Pamper your nails and yourself. Cheetay provides the best deals on nail care products in Lahore. It is extremely important to buy the best products for yourselves. Therefore, log on to Cheetay right away and get these mind-blowing products that you need to feel gorgeous. With just a click of a button, you can now purchase your favourite range of quality and affordable nail care accessories at your doorstep.

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