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Baby Care Products at Cheetay

Are you trying to find baby products that have been sold in the markets already? Hop on to and choose any from its range. You could be looking for baby skincare products or simply baby accessories. Cheetay has products from Johnson & Johnson, Beurer and more.

A baby needs to be kept warm and nourished but a newborn baby is even more sensitive. A reason for this is that after its wrinkled skin and a protective layer known as vernix gets peeled off on its own, it could develop rashes or allergies more easily. A baby needs to be bathed more often as you have to keep changing its diapers and cleaning its drool. This could make the skin dry and cause diseases such as eczema. Sometimes, dehydration that occurs due to diarrhea and vomiting, fever, reduced intake of milk and other fluids and when body produces excessive heat can also make the skin scaly and dry. For this, products that moisturise the skin become a necessity. These usually include body lotions, soaps, moisturizing shampoos, baby wipes, oils and gels.

Baby Skincare at its Best

Products from brands such as Johnson & Johnson are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic to keep skin gentle, mild formulae for baby’s sensitive skin, and have no parabens, dyes and phthalates. However, they do have fragrances that are naturally or synthetically derived. These make a baby’s skin smooth and soft. Fragrances are also added to baby shampoos for aroma and to be calm. However, these do not have harmful ingredients such as sulfates. They clean fine, delicate hair and keep them soft and shiny. For night time, baby shampoos are different to help them sleep better and also set a routine that they need to take a bath every day. Baby diapers & wipes are also used to keep skin not only clean but also fresh. They have cocamidopropy betaine that is used in shampoos and natural extracts to reduce oxidation and preserve skin.

Supplies for the Baby to Help Parents at Cheetay

Babies not only have amazing skincare products for them in the market, they also have food warmers, sterilizers, monitors and scales tailored for them. Companies such as Beurer and Camera are making these products to take care of your needs as a parent. You can now sterilize your baby’s bottles and utensils through a steam sterilizer. Once the accessories are sterilized, get them out to warm his/her food with the help of an electric food warmer. Baby food warmers have a digital display of temperature along with an optical indicator that signals once the food is warm and automatically switches off. It also has lifters to easily remove jars. Just like baby warmers can keep baby food warm round the clock, baby monitor, a room survelliance, can help observe your baby every day and at all times. All you really need is a WIFI along with a smartphone, PC or tablet. A baby monitor tells when a baby is upset or not able to sleep but it does not help in knowing the weight so a digital baby scale for wriggling babies is used. While searching for these products, remember to look for them at Cheetay’s online store and order for immediate delivery.

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